Warm welcome to Emperal Overseas!

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We at Emperal Overseas, located at Morbi, Gujarat, INDIA are leading manufacturer-cum-Exporter of various products like Cotton Socks & Artificial PVC Leather. We are 3 Group of Companies -“Mahadevkrupa Texknit LLP-Socks manufacturing Unit“, “Rextile Leather Pvt Ltd-Artificial PVC Leather manufacturing Unit“, “Emperal Overseas-Marketing firm for above products“. We are committed to provide maximum customer satisfaction by consistently supplying high quality products at the most competitive prices. On the platform of competitive cost and better quality products manufacturing we have continuously directed our attention to speed up the growth. Our focus is maintained towards maximum customer satisfaction targeting middle scale buyers who are unable to import the goods directly due to mix items with less quantity. Emperal Overseas will fulfill the wish of such buyers and will enable them to get their requirement with best competitive price.

Our vision is to cover the maximum market share globally for our products through leveraging costs, improved quality and strategic ways of action.